BMA uses the finest Training Facility in the world

 The Delta Training Center located in Atlanta, Georgia

Our training is conducted on Level D full flight simulators or level 5 or above flight training devices.  These are not virtual trainers or touch screen computers.  They are tactile cockpits, the same as you find in the aircraft.

We do use computer based training, but in addition we have experienced ground school instructors in a classroom environment as part of our ground school portion of instruction.

The BMA Quality Difference

  • BMA will pre-test before you show up.
  • Knowledge gates before you show up such as Electrical-Pneumatics-Hydraulics-Power Plant-Fuel-Aircraft Systems.
  • The Difference between BMA and other 142 schools is when you get to your training facility you will be ready to Learn and Fly.

You need compare before you Act, This is a large investment in your future