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Commercial Airline Training

Military Training

Drone Training

Commercial Space Training


BMA (Bell Murray Aerospace, Inc.) was founded by Ray Bell and Scott Murray in 2012.  BMA operates according to a FAA Part 142 Certificate.  This certificate entitles BMA to conduct B777 type rating and recurrent instruction and certification.


BMA will use the highest standards of flight training equipment and the most qualified and most experienced instructors to provide a professional training environment.


BMA is dedicated to exploring training opportunities in all areas of aerospace.  This includes commercial and military aviation, drones, and commercial space operations.

Management Team

Scott Murray, CEO, B777 TCI

Ray Bell, COO, B777 TCI, TCE

Wayne Nesmith, B737NG Program Manager

Rob Moser, B777 TCI, TCE

John Disosway, B777 TCI