Ray Bell
Ray BellCoFounder
Ray Bell, Delta Air Lines, Air India, Boeing; examiner, instructor, check airman, and captain; type ratings B737, B757, L1011, MD11, B777, B787; 29,000 hours total time; Long Island University, Business and Marketing.
Scott Murrary
Scott MurraryCEO
Scott Murray, USAF, Delta Airlines, Atlas Air, Air India, Air Atlanta Icelandic, National Air Cargo, Boeing; instructor, check airman, and captain; type ratings A-310, B727, B737, B747-4, B757, B767, B777, CE500, L1011, MD11, L1049, DH4; 24,000 hours total time; B. Electrical Engineering, Auburn University, M.S. Industrial Administration, Purdue University, M.S. Electrical Engineering, Georgia Tech.
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