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Three Day 121 Ground School Familiarization:

Students are able to experience advanced systems training on modern jet transport aircraft.  Classes are typically taught by experienced and type-rated Airline Captains.  Price $1,170.00.


Jet Transition Training:

Newly certificated multiengine commercial pilots will benefit greatly from a compressed academic, flight training device, and simulator observation program.  This 32 hours course is designed to introduce career minded pilots to jet aircraft operations and pick up where the flight school left off.  Price $3,800.00


Flight Deck Observation Course:

Want to learn how to fly as a crew?  What better way than to observe actual crew training sessions in a Level 5 Flight Training Device and a Level C or D Full Flight Simulator?  For 1000.00 you can observe live sessions and improve your understanding of Cockpit Resource Management.  Price $1,000.00


A320 Ground School Warmup:

Pilots slated for initial A320 Airline training will profit from the intense preview we offer.  Don’t earn the job only to jeopardize it with a poor showing in academics.  Our warmup class is a big confidence booster.

Available in 3 or 6 day formats at only $150.00 per day.


Advanced Instrument Training:

How better to prepare for an airline job than by honing your instrument skills in an A320 or B737 flight simulator.  Pick from a 2, 4, or 6 hour program.  Multiengine with instrument rated candidates finish with instrument currency renewed.  Price  $65.00 per academic hour plus Full Flight Simulator costs (call for current simulator pricing).


RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums) Familiarization Training:

This 4 hour academic course familiarizes students with ICAO and FAA regulatory requirements for operations under RVSM. Price $260.00.


High Performance/Complex Endorsement:

Earn your endorsement for high performance and complex aircraft in a Level D Full Flight Simulator!  2 hours of academics and 1 hour of full flight simulator.  $130.00 plus simulator cost.


Pressurized Aircraft Endorsement:

This training meets the requirements of FAR 61.31(g) and trainees receive the pressurized aircraft endorsement.  3 hours of academics followed by 1 hour of full flight simulator training (A320 or B737).  Top off the classroom and aircraft training with additional training in an approved   hyperbaric chamber (by appointment).  Academics and Simulator:  Airbus 320 $895.00,  Boeing 737NG only $995.00.


Airline Interview Preparation:

Raise your chances of a successful interview by completing our one day interview preparation course.  Airline Captains familiar with behavioral and technical interviews will lead the way.  Tailored simulator profiles will give applicants the absolute best chances for success.  Fours hours interview coaching and 1 hour simulator check profile.  The course may be taken with or without the simulator check preparation.  Cost is $350.00 plus current simulator cost.  Call for rates.


The Airline Experience:

This one day immersion program into the life of an airline pilot is perfect for those considering a skill.  Airline captains share firsthand the career choices they made and offer advice on how to pursue your dreams.  No pilot experience is necessary for this.  Our full flight simulators are the only way practical way for inexperienced candidates to get the chance to fly an airliner!  This training is so realistic; the FAA considers it to be better than the actual aircraft.  Cost $350.00 plus current simulator cost.  Call for rates.


Practical Aviation Weather:

Learn from an experienced Airline Pilot.  This training bridges the gap between light aircraft and the big iron by providing practical instruction on weather knowledge!  Learn the role of dispatch and the importance of understanding operations specifications.  Three hours of academics. Cost $195.00.


Cockpit Resource Management:

This 4 hour course introduces aeronautical decision making models and methods.  Practicum allows the opportunity to build and practice  Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).  Seasoned airline veterans will guide the way.  Cost $260.00.


Advanced CRM, Threat and Error Management:

Learn how the pro’s cope with the most challenging of crew situations.  Build upon the foundational knowledge gained in the introductory CRM.  Cost $260.00.


Flight Management System Training:

This 8 hour session lays the foundation for transition to advanced FMS equipped aircraft.  Virtual Flight Deck technology enables the student to practice the required data entry and cockpit automation. Price:  $520.00.


Glass Cockpit Training:

The amount of automation in the modern Technologically Advanced Aircraft can be overwhelming to pilots trained on traditional round “steam gauges”.  Speed up to the state of the art with 4 Hours of ground/academic training and a 1 hour lab in an A320 Airbus. Cost $260.00 plus full flight simulator cost.  Call for current pricing.


Premium Jet Simulator Experience Building:

What a great way to add the highly valued Full Flight Simulator time to your logbook.  In some cases, the experience is creditable toward the experience needed to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate.  For a price competitive with many light twins you can gain true “airline” style experience at the controls of an A320 or B737 full motion and state of the art simulator. Call for current pricing.


Limited Time Type Rating Course Special Prices

Airbus A320 Type Rating

  • FAA Home Study Ground School CBT  $8,495
  • FAA 40 Hour Classroom Ground School $9,495

Boeing 737-200 Type Rating

  • FAA Home Study Ground School CBT  $4,995
  • FAA 40 Hour Classroom Ground School $6,995

Boeing 737-300 Type Rating

  • FAA Home Study Ground School CBT  $8,990
  • FAA 40 Hour Classroom Ground School $9,990

Boeing 737 NG Next Gen Type Rating

  • FAA Home Study Ground School CBT  $11,990
  • FAA 40 Hour Classroom Ground School $12,990